How it works
All proceeds will go towards Mary's Place Seattle, an organization that provides shelter and services to children, women, and families experiencing homelessness.
50% of proceeds will go towards buying gifts off their Amazon Wishlist and the remaining 50% will be donated directly to their organization.
Keep in mind anything ordered off our website is a pre-order. Expect orders to be shipped out sometime early January.
Shipping and Delivery
Do you ship internationally?
This year we can only cover the United States and Canada. If you're not residing either, please email Jonathan ( and we can try to work something out on a case-by-case basis.
When should I expect my order to arrive?
All orders will are expected to be shipped by January 5th. It may take a few days afterwards for it to arrive. If it's been more than two weeks (Jan. 19th) please contact Jonathan at
How come I didn't receive a tracking number?
Each of our artists are individually fulfilling orders. This means that if you order from multiple artists, you may receive multiple packages which will make it hard for us to give you a tracking number.
Alternatively, certain small items may be shipped through USPS First Class Mail which can't be tracked but should arrive within a few days of being shipped.
We can't do returns :(
If any piece of your order is damaged/doesn't show up, we can refund the cost of said piece.
Cancellations on pre-orders are available until January 5th. We can offer a cancellation & refund up until that date.
For any questions, concerns, or comments please email Jonathan at